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Want to become a sponsor?

Our Sponsorship program gives you the opportunity to be the sponsor of a brave dog that has won your heart!

Cant adopt right now?

Dog Sponsorship is $30

Although we'd love for all our animals to find a furever home, we also understand that sometimes your home is not quite ready yet, or perhaps you already have so many furry pets that you can't take on anymore, or there could be many other reasons you can't adopt. Now, you can support an animal through a sponsorship instead

Unfortunately some of our dogs may never be homed. In order to maintain their stay at the shelter all dogs require a balanced diet, clean pens, medical attention, bedding, and exercise. For just $1 a day you can sponsor a dog and become his or her best friend.


You are also very welcome to come and visit your sponsored dog but you are advised to phone beforehand. Please note that not all sponsored dogs enjoy extra attention –  which is why they were never homed in the first place! There are other dogs however, who enjoy extra company. So your visit will never be wasted.

Note: Please note that dogs can have more than one sponsor. Thankfully we have more sponsors than dogs. Obviously each dog costs us far more than the $30 per year – especially when they need veterinary treatment.

Sponsored dogs may still be adopted and found a home (approved by Brave Companions Dog Rescue Inc), but you will be informed if this occurs.

To become a monthly sponsor, please fill out the Sponsorship form on this page.

Please note: When you submit the form, you are confirming that you've selected to participate in our monthly sponsorship and are consenting to having your credit card charged automatically every month for the amount you've selected. Your subscription will start immediately and your card will be charged on the date of your subscription each month

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